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The Internetrix seven step digital consulting methodology has been developed and refined since the company was formed in 2000. Over the years and hundreds of consulting project engagements, the process and inclusions in our methodology have changed and been improved in recognition of a changing digital environment.  Once upon a time there was no provision for social media opportunities, where they are now a core consideration.  

Customers who engage Internetrix Digital Consulting project teams are able to choose one or many parts of our seven step process based on project needs. Any six of the seven steps shown below come for a fixed price of $10,800 + GST.  Typically a project is started and completed within 8 weeks.

Every organisation is different and has different internal capabilities and external digital needs, and in recognition of this our customers may pick the six steps that fit what you need.


Please see the Internetrix Digital Consulting Methodology sub pages available from this page as they introduce the seven available steps in more detail.    

An underlying theme evident on all Internetrix Digital Consulting projects is that they are implemented with a heavy reliance on evidence and data.  We don't just advise you what to do, we back it up with Google Analytics data or Urchin by Google log file reporting to pursue data-driven recommendations that are aligned with your organisational strategy.

We have consulted to all three levels of Australian Government and widely throughout large, medium and small privately owned organisations. 

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